Item Coversheet

Agenda Item - 4.b.

City of Garden Grove


To:Scott C. Stiles

From:Teresa Pomeroy
Dept.:City Manager 

Dept.: City Clerk 
Subject:Third reading by title only and adoption of Ordinance No. 2919Date:3/23/2021

Attached for third reading and recommended adoption is Ordinance No. 2919, as revised by the City Council with five yes votes and Council Members Brietigam and Klopfenstein voting no at the March 9, 2021, City Council meeting.

DescriptionUpload DateTypeFile Name
Ordinance No. 2919 - Revised3/17/2021Ordinance3-23-21_GG_Ordinance_No._2919_Amendment_No._A-027-2020_REVISED_Final.pdf