The City of Garden Grove as

Successor Agency

to the Agency for Community Development


July 23, 2019

6:30 PM

CANCELLATION NOTICE - Community Meeting Center 11300 Stanford Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92840

Steven R. Jones


George S. Brietigam

Member, District 1

John R. O'Neill

Member, District 2

Thu-Ha Nguyen

Member, District 3

Patrick Phat Bui

Vice Chair, District 4

Stephanie Klopfenstein

Member, District 5

 Kim Nguyen

Member, District 6

Meeting Assistance: Any person requiring auxiliary aids and services, due to a disability, to address the Successor Agency, should contact the City Clerk's Office 72 hours prior to the meeting to arrange for accommodations. Phone: 714) 741-5040.


Agenda Item Descriptions: Are intended to give a brief, general description of the item. The Successor Agency may take legislative action deemed appropriate with respect to the item and is not limited to the recommended action indicated in staff reports or the agenda.


Documents/Writings: Any revised or additional documents/writings related to an item on the agenda distributed to all or a majority of the Successor Agency Members within 72 hours of a meeting, are made available for public inspection at the same time (1) in the City Clerk's Office at 11222 Acacia Parkway, Garden Grove, CA 92840, during normal business hours; (2) on the City's website as an attachment to the Successor Agency meeting agenda; and (3) at the Council Chamber at the time of the meeting.


Public Comments: Members of the public desiring to address the Successor Agency are requested to complete a pink speaker card indicating their name and address, and identifying the subject matter they wish to address. This card should be given to the City Clerk prior to the start of the meeting. General comments are made during "Oral Communications," and should be limited to matters under consideration and/or what the Successor Agency has jurisdiction over. Persons wishing to address the Successor Agency regarding a Public Hearing matter will be called to the podium at the time the matter is being considered.


Manner of Addressing the Successor Agency Members: After being called by the Chair, you may approach the podium, it is requested that you state your name for the record, and proceed to address the Successor Agency. All remarks and questions should be addressed to the Successor Agency as a whole and not to individual Members or staff members. Any person making impertinent, slanderous, or profane remarks or who becomes boisterous while addressing the Successor Agency shall be called to order by the Chair. If such conduct continues, the Chair may order the person barred from addressing the Successor Agency any further during that meeting.


Time Limitation: Speakers must limit remarks for a total of (5) five minutes. When any group of persons wishes to address the Successor Agency on the same subject matter, the Chair may request a spokesperson be chosen to represent the group, so as to avoid unnecessary repetition. At the Successor Agency's discretion, a limit on the total amount of time for public comments during Oral Communications and/or a further limit on the time allotted to each speaker during Oral Communications may be set.






Open Session


6:30 PM


ROLL CALL: Member Brietigam, Member O'Neill, Member T. Nguyen, Member Klopfenstein, Member K. Nguyen, Vice Chair Bui, Chair Jones