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Agenda Item - 6.c.

City of Garden Grove


To:Scott C. Stiles

From:William E. Murray
Dept.:City Manager/General Manager 

Dept.: Public Works 

Award a contract to All American Asphalt for Project No. CP-1254000, Arterial and Streets Rehabilitation and Sanitary District Sewer Improvements on Garden Grove Boulevard.  (Cost: $3,185,281) (Joint Action Item with the Garden Grove Sanitary District.)



For City Council and the Garden Grove Sanitary District Board to jointly award a contract to All American Asphalt for Project No. CP-1254000, Arterial Street Rehabilitation and Sewer Improvements, which includes: Orangewood Avenue from Brookhurst Street to Euclid Street; Lampson Avenue from Dale Street to Magnolia Street; Garden Grove Boulevard from Dale Street to Magnolia Street; Lampson Avenue from Haster Street to Jetty Street for sidewalk improvement; and Garden Grove Boulevard Sewer Improvements from Dale Street to 220’ east of Louise Street.


The streets being rehabilitated in this group of projects have varying issues surrounding their need for rehabilitation. Each street will be addressed with different rehabilitation measures to properly manage the unique circumstances of each street and will involve some, or most, of the following elements which include: street section removal and replacement (“dig outs”), cold milling, asphalt rubber aggregate membrane (ARAM) and asphalt paving, slurry sealing (micro-surfacing), repair of damaged sidewalk, curb & gutter, cross gutter, catch basin repair, upgrade of access ramps, installation of catch basin inlet filters, adjustment of utility covers to finish grade, restoration of traffic signing, striping, and pavement markings, and reestablishment of centerline ties and monuments.


The sewer improvements consist of connecting an existing 8” sewer line at Louise Street to an 18” sewer line in Garden Grove Boulevard. Sewer flow at Dale Street will be routed to an 18" sewer main at Garden Grove Boulevard by modifying the existing manhole. The improvements also include the abandonment of an existing 8" sewer line (550') in Garden Grove Boulevard, re-connecting two house laterals, removal of two existing sewer manholes and constructing one 60” diameter sewer manhole.


Staff solicited bids for this project pursuant to Municipal Code Section 2.50.100. Three (3) qualified bids were received and opened in the City Clerk's office at 11:00 a.m. on April 14, 2021.  All American Asphalt submitted the lowest qualified bid of $3,185,281. This bid amount is within the current project budget.  The licenses and references of the contractor have been reviewed and verified by staff, and all other documentation is in order.


The anticipated contract schedule is as follows:


Award Contract April 27, 2021
Begin Construction (estimated)   June 1, 2021
Complete Construction (estimated)   October 29, 2021



There is no financial impact to the General Fund.  This improvement is included in Fiscal Years 2020-21 and 2021-22 Capital Improvement Budget and is funded by Measure "M2 Local Fair Share," Gas Tax, Sewer Funds and the California State Tire Recycle Grant.


It is recommended that the City Council and the Sanitary District Board:


  • Award a contract to All American Asphalt, in the amount of $3,185,281, for Project No. CP-1254000, Arterial Streets Rehabilitation and Garden Grove Sewer Improvements; and 


  • Authorize the City Manager/General Manager to execute the agreement, and make minor modifications as appropriate thereto, on behalf of the City and the Sanitary District.




By: Navin Maru,  Associate Engineer


      Rebecca Li, P.E., Senior Civil Engineer

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